Hydro Power Industry

Hydro Performance Indicators

Most hydro plants have acquired many years of archival data containing detailed operating information that include power, flow, blade, head, and gate data on a unit basis. These data can provide a wealth of information for optimizing system and plant efficiency and for improving the reliability of unit components and unit instrumentation.

One use for these data is to compute hydro performance indicators that quantify energy and revenue gains achievable with improved system and plant dispatch, with improved unit characteristics, and with improved trash rack cleaning. Examples from some of these analyses are presented in the charts below.

Examples from Hydro Power Analyses

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Chart displaying Analysis of Plant Efficiency Curve Versus Energy Profile

Analysis of Plant Efficiency Curve Versus Energy Profile to Evaluate Potential Improvements in Plant Scheduling


Bar Chart displaying correlation efficiency

Correlation Efficiency Quantifies Which Unit Characteristics Are Not Consistent with Plant Instrumentation


Scatter chart displaying deviations between measured and expected unit characteristics

Deviations Between Measured and Expected Unit Characteristics


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