Custom Data Analyses

On-line monitoring systems provide tremendous quantities of data, however the data provides little value unless the appropriate data analyses are performed to transform the data into useful information. Download the papers referenced by the links below to learn more about analyses that helped hydro utilities gain more value from their data.

Troubleshooting Generator Alignment Problems – To understand the root cause of generator alignment problems, a utility installed approximately fifty sensors to measure both the static and rotating components of generator displacement. This led to a large data set and although detailed data were acquired, determining the probable root cause of the generator misalignment was difficult because the answer was literally buried in all the data. This paper describes the data and data analysis techniques used to determine the probable root cause of the generator alignment problem (992KB Adobe Acrobat format).

Hydroturbine Cavitation Analysis – To quantify and reduce cavitation damage on a large hydroturbine, a utility installed a cavitation monitoring system that continuously acquired high frequency vibrations from a hydro turbine. A large data set was acquired that included the cavitation data in conjunction with headwater, tailwater, and unit power levels. Analysis of the cavitation data indicated that most of the cavitation damage was occurring at unit power levels that were responsible for only a small portion of the unit’s energy production. Download this paper for more details (329KB Adobe Acrobat format).
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